Primal Pride 2020!

Join us in Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers - Primal Data Center; Leviathan Server on June 20th for the celebration of PRIDE month!

(All information regarding the event is here!)

(This carrd will be updated often - so keep an eye out!)

What this event is:

"Primal PRIDE" is an event done in FFXIV to show support for those that are LGBQT+, and let them know that they are welcomed and loved in our MMO community. A large-scale gathering is held, following a parade and mini events that give out in-game money and prizes.

Since COVID-19 will likely shut down most social gatherings for the month of June - we are extending our invitation outside of Eorzea in hopes that those afflicted will be able to join.

This is the 3rd year that it has been run - and it grows in size each time. (To help those on PS4 and with low FPS rates please do not have minions or chocobos out! Thank you.)

What it will consist of/when it is:

-A parade (the route will be mapped out in full).
-Speech (tbd).
-Group photos.
-Gil Darts game, including Gil and other prizes.
-And more!

Date/time: June 20th at 10 pm EST. (Date may change, so please keep watch for updates!)

There will be a Twitch stream for the whole event, it will be on;

Where to go:

It will take place on the Primal Data Center - Leviathan Server.

The starting gathering point will be in Ul'dah - Steps of Nald; within the Quicksand.

The route will go as follows;

Starting point - Ul'dah - Steps of Nald:

Route - enter Central Thanalan and follow up into Eastern Thanalan:

Route - walk through Eastern Thanalan and follow up into South Shroud:

Route - walk through South Shroud and follow up into Central Shroud:

Route - walk through Central Shroud and follow up into North Shroud:

Route - walk through North Shroud and follow up into Coerthas Central Highlands:

Route - walk through Coerthas Central Highlands and follow down into Mor Dhona:

Route - walk into Mor Dhona and end the parade!

Who is running it:

The main hosts are; Mirri Dragontear with the <-REM-> FC and Kirune Ronso with the <<soft.>> FC.

Sponsors include; <-REM-> FC,

Other helpers; Amaris Lumina, Vonaren Stark, Kiemi'a Shezorei,


Q: What if I am a new/low level character?

A: Don't worry! The starting point is in one of the 3 main city-states, so you will have easy access. If you are low level - there will be plenty of higher level players around to make sure that you do not get attacked by any enemies!
Q: How long does this event usually last?

A: Typically around 2 hours or less.
Q: Are there any requirements for me to participate?

A: We only ask that you are respectful to everyone! Other than that, no.
Q: What if I am late to arrive?

A: No problem! We always update where the parade is at, so you should be able to catch up easily!
Q: What if someone is shouting disrespectful slurs and names in the game chat?

A: We ask that you blacklist this person - as there is not much we can do to silence them ourselves. Though in the past events it has not been an issue.
Q: Do I have to be LGBQT+ to participate?

A: Nope! You can simply come to show your support!
Q: What if I have a question that is not listed here?

A: Please contact one of the hosts; Mirri Dragontear or K'rune Tia. Their contact info will be posted here!

Contact Info:

Overall (where updates will be posted);
Discord server - "Leviathan Events"

Mirri Dragontear;
Discord - MirriHeals#5693

Kirune Ronso;
Discord - Kirune#2506

New Player Guide:

Are you going to be just entering the game to participate? This guide will walk you through all of the steps needed so that you can join us!

Step 1; Start off at and sign up for a free trial account.
PS4 users can download FFXIV from the PS Store.
PC users will be shown where to download the game after signing up for the free account.

Step 2; Open FFXIV and log in using the username and password you just created.

At the main menu, select Data Center and select Primal, then confirm your selection.

Step 3; Start the game, and create a character to your liking. Make sure you choose GLADIATOR, PUGILIST, or THAUMATURGE for your class. This will ensure you start in the city where Primal Pride begins!

Choose a starting world. This choice is up to you and does not matter.

Step 4; Give your lovely character a name! After this, your character is complete and you'll be shown a cutscene or two. These can be skipped by pressing Option or Escape.

Once you have control of your character, take a second to familiarize yourself with moving your character, then talk to Wymond. There will be on-screen directions to help out. Don't worry, you only have to complete two extremely short tasks!

Step 5; After accepting Wymond's quest, go up the stairs and enter The Quicksand (where Primal Pride will start!) and speak to Momodi, this will start a skippable cutscene. Talk to her again to accept the next quest.

Leave The Quicksand and run to the left down the street. You'll pass Wymond again. To his right, there's a room with a giant crystal. Interact with the crystal to start a cutscene.

Step 6; After the cutscene, interact with the crystal again and select Visit Another World Server. Then choose Leviathan to move to the world where Primal Pride will be held! (If you started on Leviathan, don't worry about this step.)

That's the last step! You can continue playing around as you like, the free trial has no time limit. We can't wait to see you at Primal Pride on June 20th!! If you need further help, feel free to contact Kirune#2506 on Discord.

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